A collection of websites that we've created

MAA Management Website

The goal of the website was to showcase their projects and project-related products. They offer a full range of real estate project management services that can be scaled to the size and scope of anyone’s needs. This is the new version of the “Home Art” website. 

Paper & Leaf dispensary Website

The goal of the website was to take orders through the website and sell hemp products from 3 different shops. It was connected with clover. And it was a multi-domain website. They don’t deliver the products. Customers from 3 locations can order the hemp products from their website and take their ordered products from those shops. 

Nailed It 2 Cabinets

The project aimed to build a user-friendly website for a kitchen cabinet provider company. Their goal was to showcase various products, including kitchen cabinets, countertops, vanities, and vanity tops, each having dedicated pages. They strategically placed lead capturing forms across the site to generate leads effectively. Additionally, a dedicated page showcased their completed projects, fostering engagement and building connections with visitors.